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Site Unseen & Farmer's Almanac at Roll Up Project, featuring MFA first years

First year Studio Art MFA students are participating in a collaborative installation presented by Roll Up Project. Curated and created by Art and Music MFA candidates at Mills College, this exhibition is a culmination of the Fall 2017 class “Topics in Contemporary Art,” taught by Glen Helfand.

Sight Unscene – installed in The Door – takes the term “roll up” as its springboard and focuses on the act of looking, and of being looked at. Ideas of metamorphosis, visibility and the nature of an exhibition space are examined. What impels a person to stop and look? What prompts a viewer to take a picture of an image? Is the work the object, or does it function as a backdrop for passersby to photograph?

Farmer’s Almanac – installed in The Window – explores ideas of location, industrialization, gentrification and transformation by imagining a lush, post-Industrialist Jack London Square, 1,000 years from now.

Participating artists:

Brendan Glasson

Wyatt Hall

Lacey Johnson

Danny Lulu

Harlee Mollen…

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